Barbara Wehr

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Born and raised on the north bank of the Danube in Vienna, I learned to love this extraordinary city at an early age. As a teenager I strolled through the city center, fascinated and happy with the scenery, loved to visit museums and to sit on a bench at Stephansplatz for hours to watch the goings-on in the heart of this city. »My city,« as I proudly stated already at that age.

Unfortunately, I was not able to arouse interest in history in high school, ’cause it required self-motivation and »interesting material«. It is not surprising that my first reading about Austrian history was therefore a book about the Habsburgs: »Habsburgs sold daughters« by Thea Leitner, taken from my mother’s library.

From then on I was unstoppable. I devoured one Habsburg book after the other, put out my feelers for art history (of which there is plenty in Vienna) and enrolled Architecture at the Vienna University of Technology. But the study was too dry and crowded for me, in my first seminar there were 6 Barbaras, I felt like any number, individuality was clearly neglected there. And so I quickly switched to graphic design at the Vienna Art School, a small private school with public law. I felt very comfortable there and after 4 years I graduated with honours in 2002.

Then the classic career of a graphic designer followed: low salary in a small advertising agency, massive overtime and monotonous, repetitive work. A change of the agency earned me more money and more ambitious projects, but I could only really blossom in my own graphic studio, which I founded in 2007 together with my husband.

In addition to the well-known unpleasant blooms of the economic crisis it also brought pleasant one’s, namely a re-discovery of the love for my hometown. So I decided to retrain as a tourist guide. I have also been working as such since 2012, but not full-time, because I’m still juggling the »graphics balls« and additionally began to study again, namely art history.

1977born in Vienna
1996school-leaving exam
1996/97study of architecture at the Technical University Vienna
1998–2002Vienna Art School, branch of study: graphic design, graduated with honours
2003–2007working as a graphic designer in several ad agencies
2004Sudeten German Award for sponsorship for fine arts
2007founding of »Wehr & Wehr« as a graphic design studio
2009–2011tourist guide education
Nov 2011examination for state certification as a tourist guide
2012–2015study of art history at the University Vienna