Carriage Museum Schönbrunn

A special jewel is the world-famous Imperial Carriage Museum in Schönbrunn with its splendid historical carriages and harnesses.

Wagenburg © Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien
Wagenburg © Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien
Wagenburg © Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien
Wagenburg © Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien
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Anyone who would like to know how people lived, slept and celebrated on journeys during the time of the emperors must visit the Imperial Carriage Museum. While the museum areas are conservatively furnished, the baroque state carriages provide a triumphal splendour. Here the visitor experiences how it was once like to be driven and flattered in splendid carriages, unusual sleighs, litters and sedans by elaborately dressed servants. The world-famous collection shows over 60 carriages, chaises, sedans, sleighs and an automobile, which were owned by such prominent personalities as Sisi, Franz Joseph, Maria Theresia and Napoleon. A selection of carriages of the Prince and Princesses of Thurn and Taxis were recently added to the collection on permanent loan. 

As the best preserved princely vehicle collection in Europe, the Imperial Carriage Museum offers an impressive and lively picture of the most diverse aspects of court life, from representative occasions (weddings, coronations) over everyday transport and long journeys up to leisure activities (hunting and sport), children‘s games, death and funerals. At the same time the collection documents like no other collection the continuous development of carriage building from the baroque to the automobile of the early 20th Century. 

Duration: 90–120 minutes
Admission fee not included.