Central Cemetery Vienna

The Central Cemetery Vienna was inaugurated in 1874 by the liberal mayor Cajetan Felder and is nowadays with its extend of 2,5 km2, 300.000 tombs and more than 3 million interred one of the biggest cemeteries in Europe.

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At the time of its opening the cemetery was located outside of the city of Vienna and due to the great distance from the city centre and the precede planning difficulties it was not very popular and therefore poorly attended.

To counteract this bad image and to increase its attractiveness the Viennese municipality council decided the development of the honorary graves as a kind of tourist attraction in 1881.

Additionally the remains of various famous personalities were transferred from other cemeteries to the Central Cemetery, e.g. Ludwig van Beethoven or Franz Schubert. 

In 1910 a church in Art Nouveau style was errected, the Charles-Borromy-Church, which became another centre of attraction to the visitors.

Come and tour with me the tombs and memorials of e.g. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Curd Jürgens, Hans Moser, Arnold Schönberg, Franz Schubert, the Strauß family, Falco and many more. The history of its origins, honorary graves and the church are topics of this tour. 

Duration: as desired.
No admission fees arise.